Surely Daniel Defoe must have thought of the Hong Islands scenery when writing its Robinson Crusoe: for those who have read the books, the landscape you imagine while reading correspond exactly to these green islands covered with lush tropical vegetation and encircled by high cliffs populated by exotic birds and monkeys. T

he main island, Koh Hong is uninhabited, except for the birds, little white-faced gibbons and monitor lizards that can be often spotted at quiet times on the white sandy beach. The transparent waters host coral reefs and thousand of underwater animal species. Hong Islands are the perfect short distance getaway close to Krabi and a superb location for snorkelling or kayaking. We booked an organised small group tour by long-tailed boat to see the highlights of these islands in one day.

The islands are famous for its stunning lagoon surrounded by high cliffs. The name “Hong” means “chamber” and refers to this secluded place reachable by kayak. We rented a two-seater kayak on the main Hong beach for 3 hours in order to be able to go and come back with no stops, so this trip is advised to expert and trained people as the current can be tricky and the distance is longer than it seems. The two-seats kayak is provided by your tour company which gives you life jackets too.

The entrance to the lagoon is a dramatic and picture-perfect narrow passage: the best moment to access by kayak is low tide when the colours of the water change from emerald green to a clear turquoise due to the low water level; long-tail or speedboats can only enter around at mid-tide.

Itinerary order varies but all include two snorkelling stops at Koh Daeng a rock island and in Lahding Bay. A great spot for relaxing and taking pictures is Koh Pakbia and Koh Rai which have impressive sandbars revealed at low tide. Tour included a picnic lunch on the main island of Koh Hong, where a snack bar and basic toilet facilities are available. The entry is fee for foreigners is 300 Baht per person and it’s included in the tour too.

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