Hi Travellers, I am Erica!

Planning itineraries, hikes and looking for my next destination is what I love doing when I am not busy with my 9-5 work routine.

Unlike many people of my age, I work and I save money not to buy unnecessary things, clothes, or a house but to travel as much as I can as far as I can to discover new cultures, traditions, talk to other travellers coming from different realities… cutting a long story short, to make this life worth-living for and have no regrets!

“We travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape us.” – Anonymous

I am convinced you can always make money again but time is something you can’t buy unfortunately. The biggest mistake you could ever do is to call off travelling thinking you have time, or that it is too expensive and being trapped in the everlasting “rat-race”: go to work, get stressed, pay taxes, save money for a non-guaranteed future and at the end you never spend more than 25 days per year doing what truly makes you feel alive: TRAVELLING!

“If you think adventure is dangerous, try routine: it is lethal”. – Paulo Coelho

I don’t believe life is meant to be lived in one place only and that’s why I decided to quit Italy, my home country, left my “comfort zone” and I started to live abroad as an expat repeating the work-save-travel pattern.

So pack your bag whenever you can, ignore judgemental people and get ready to feel that rush of adrenaline the day before leaving which anticipates upcoming adventures and unforgettable experiences.

Every travel will permanently change you in many different ways, every place you visit will get under your skin and stay with you forever!

Whenever I have time I read about destinations and other people travels which allows my mind to wander even when my body can’t. As a Foreign Languages and Literature ex student I surely love reading, but it is writing the only way to record my adventures and make them permanent.

Memories will fade in time, but when I go through the journey in my mind again and scroll down the pictures immortalised with my camera then I know that all my journeys are indelible and I rediscover little moments I thought I forgot.

This blog is travel journal meant to advise and inspire other people travels and keep track of my adventures helping us evading from daily life and planning your next trip!

P.S You are probably asking yourself “Why The Travelling Squirrel?!”.

The answer is that I identify myself with a curious squirrel jumping from one branch to another, unable to stay still and always looking for its next nut, hem… sorry adventure =)!

Countries I have been so far: