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Whether you are a travel agent, a magazine, a tour operator, a tourist office, a brand, a private or any kind of tourism related company, I can offer the following services tailored to your needs in three different languages (English, French and Italian):

  • Content writing: I can write texts, articles, posts for your marketing purposes to promote destinations, services, hotels etc.
  • Blog and social medias posting: I can create regular posts on your website increase your website visibility and advertise a product, a brand, a service.
  • Travel Photography: I can write posts for Tourist Offices, magazine and Tour Operators to promote a destination using my high-quality photos.
  • Review writing: I can test and write reviews about hospitality services (hotel, restaurants, bars etc.) to highlight points in need of improvement and achieve better results and customer feedback.
  • Content editing and proofreading: I have been rewriting, modifying and checking web contents and hospitality reviews in multiple languages (English-French-Italian).
  • Translations: I can translate any document or website to and from these three languages: Italian, English, French.

If you want to use any of the content of my website please contact me.

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